MindAd Media combines a deep understanding of all popular social media channels with advanced technology tools, in order to create the most effective campaign for each of our customers. We help you optimize the budget you spend on social media advertising and effectively convert leads into paying customers. MindAd Media specialize on managing and optimizing multi digital campaigns for worldwide advertisers across leading social channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


With more than a billion users, Facebook is one of the most efficient platforms for online advertising while reaching the most relevant audiences.

Whether you are looking to target private consumers or professional businesses, Facebook enables the most advanced targeting options followed by strong remarketing abilities. Our team effectively uses Facebook’s powerful targeting options to reach the right audience for your business. We specify the type of people you’re looking for and target by location, demographics and interests.

  • Main targeting options include:
    – Location (state, city and post code)
    – Demographics (such as age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace and languages)
    – Interests (such as hobbies, entertainment activities and shopping)
    – Behaviors (such as purchasing behavior, device usage)
    – Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audience (similar to customers you care about)
  • Ad types:
    – Facebook delivers Desktop and Mobile news feed ads. They can include social information, business name, text, images, video and a call to action button
    – Right Column ads include text, images and videos 


The Instagram platform, the new age of social media, is one of the most effective ways to reach out to the millennial demographic of generation Z. With a community of more than 400M, Instagram is one of the world’s largest uprising social platforms enabling businesses to share their stories with a highly engaged audience.

We offer a range of advertising solutions over Instagram to support major marketing objectives such as clicks to websites, mobile app installs, video views and generating mass awareness.

  • Instagram’s targeting options include the same targeting options available on Facebook ads by:
    – Location (state, city and post code)
    – Demographics (such as age, gender, relationship status, education, workplace and languages)
    – Interests (such as hobbies, entertainment activities and shopping)
    – Behaviors (such as purchasing behavior, device usage)
    – Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audience (similar to customers you care about)
  • Ad types:
    – Photo ads
    – Video ads
    – Carousel Ads, in which users can swipe to see additional images 


With over a billion users generating billions of views per day, the largest and most popular video streaming website is one of the top quality funnel types of digital marketing.
The TrueView in-stream ad has become a very effective channel in reaching large audiences. It can be used on the YouTube platform and Google Display Network (GDN) sites or apps. Viewers can skip the ad after a few seconds and advertisers are only charged if a viewer watches till the end of the ad.

We deliver a range of Desktop and Mobile ad formats over the YouTube platform in order to raise awareness for our client’s brand, promote their videos, generate leads and drive website traffic.

  • The YouTube platform offers a wide variety of targeting and remarketing methods using the power of Google’s targeting options which include demographic groups, interests, topics, keywords, managed placements and video remarketing
  • YouTube’s main forms of advertising include:
    Display ads
    – Overlay ads
    – Skippable video ads
    – Non Skippable video ads
    – Sponsored cards


Advertising on the world’s largest business networking platform with over 400M members, can bring an added value to your social marketing efforts. The social platform which was created to connect personal to business and B2B, enables you to directly reach professional individuals and decision makers around the globe.

By using LinkedIn’s advertising channels you can find exactly the people you are looking for.
We effectively monetize multi campaigns on this platform to generate quality leads and awareness for your messaging among a professional audience.

  • LinkedIn enables wide professional targeting options by general and professional segments, such as:
    – Industry
    – Seniority
    – Geography
    – Job Function / Title
    – Age and Gender
    – Specific entities
  • Ad types:
    – Display ads including text, image and video
    – Sponsored content ads
    – Precision B2B targeting, such as job titles, seniority, industry and company size


Twitter’s social networking and microblogging platform keeps growing with 320M active users that can drive mass awareness and build buzz with unique targeting options suited for your messaging.

We use the Twitter platform to deliver web traffic and all conversion types, app installs, purchases, leads, downloads and sign ups as well as to increase brand awareness by word of mouth sharing.

  • Twitter has a range of targeting options for reaching the right audiences, such as demographics, interests, similar users, devices and installed apps, all of which can be maximized by targeting keywords in people’s Tweets.
  • Ad types:
    – Promoted Tweets
    – Promoted Accounts
    – Promoted Trends 


While mobile users keep spending more time with their smartphones, online publishers are expanding their audience of mobile first users. We deliver simple and effective ways to promote your app, service or product, and extend your reach by a range of mobile ad platforms anytime, anywhere.

MindAd Media effectively executes highly optimized mobile campaigns over in-app mobile ads and mobile web ads to acquire and engage new customers through all leading mobile platforms. Our team drives leads, engagements and conversions via a range of mobile ad formats.

  • Our mobile advertising solutions enable a range of targeting and retargeting options that can take place by location, device, demographics and behavior. Our digital mobile media channels includes social, search, display and native ads, all with their advanced targeting capabilities
  • MindAd Media delivers a range of mobile targeted ads, including:
    – Banners
    – Native
    – Video
    – Interstitial 



Search advertising provides the ability to deliver to the consumers advertisements tailored to their immediate search interest. Reach the people who are searching for you at real time with the most ROI driven technique. MindAd Media specialize on acquiring consumers via leading search channels, managing and optimizing large-scale search campaigns on multiple accounts of global advertisers.

Reaching clients via ROI drives campaigns! Search is the strongest intent of a user to find a product or a service; we deeply analyze user intentions in order to match the right ad to the most relevant audience. We keep monetizing bid adjustments during all campaign cycles to lower your PPC expenses and maximize results.

  • Search advertising provides the most relevant targeting based on immediate users’ interests and can be done by keyword targeting of words or phrases, location and language targeting, device targeting and audience targeting by remarketing options
  • Search ad types can include text, ad extensions, images, app promotion, video ads, product listing ads and call-only ads 


MindAd Media specialize on managing multi display ad placements over cross-channels, using an automated targeting process. We utilize display advertising with 2 main access points: Google Display Network (GDN) & Display RTB (Real Time Bidding).

We are connected to major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Media Exchanges where publishers offer billions of impressions in a competitive price and wide reach exposure than direct buys. Therefore, our RTB advertising channels create very effective costs and can achieve the highest ROI for your display campaigns.

  • The RTB process includes behavioral and demographic data enabling the targeting of ads to specific audiences via different pricing models. We offer multi inventories from different publishers and locations of targeted audience ad groups around the globe. We are plugged to various DMPs (Data Management Platform) and use quality third party data providers to reach your audience anywhere, anytime
  • We work with all IAB standard ad unit formats via leading Demand Side Platforms such as: Double Click, PubMatic, Rubicon, MediaMath,  Appnexus, OpenX, PocketMath, Taggify, Nuviad and Convert Media 


It’s all about reaching users at their natural places of interest! Native advertising is one of the most growing segments on the digital advertising ecosystem and an effective way for consumers to discover your product or service. They generate higher click rates, particularly on mobile, delivering useful targeting alongside cost efficiency while having less intrusion. We deliver a range of native ads across premium publishers with the same type of content experience on a specific web page.

As native ads are part of the consumption experience with the same format of the site content, they are more likely to be viewed than banner ads. We use native advertising to reach your targeted audience with the content they like the most, promoting business content and webpages on most popular websites.

  • Targeting and retargeting can be made by the users’ interests and behavior in all leading media channels using their targeting options in a range of platforms. The MindAd team cooperates with all dedicated native advertising’s leading platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini and more.
  • The native ads are a depended platform and can be presented as Google paid search results, promoted listings on Twitter, sponsored updates on LinkedIn, Facebook promoted posts, sites content recommendations, articles and more.
    The 2 main ad techniques are:
    – In Feed Ad Units, located within website pages as sponsored articles and in-feed promotions in order to match the surrounding stories
    – Content Recommendation, delivered through a widget that does not look like the editorial content feeds and is generally recognizable by words like “You might also like” or “From around the web” 

Customer testimonial

MindAd Media has the ability and skill to work holistically across multi-digital channels translated into significantly better results and lower acquisition costs… They also truly understand the inner soul and pains of the entrepreneur
Gili Lichtman, Co-Founder & VP Marketing, FairFly
MindAd has been fantastic to work with. Their dedicated response time and professional approach has been instrumental to the success of our clients and campaigns
Lior Zaidner, Marketing Director, Cogress
MindAd are true partners every step of the way, being professional, creative and fun to work with. It’s a no-brainer choice for any startup in need of a digital marketing team
Avital Scharf, CEO & Co-Founder, Wellb
MindAd generated ROI transparency, optimized OrCam’s CPS and increased sales and brand awareness in all the countries we operate in. MindAd helped us build a marketing strategy for existing markets as well as helped us penetrate new markets.
David Barnan, Director of Digital Marketing, OrCam Technologies
MindAd helped us build our B2B growth strategy over multiple channels allowing us to establish new business opportunities. From strategy to execution – the team had proven a to be a real partner with great energy and result oriented approach
Yaron Lipshitz, CEO of AllSeated